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Schedule and Location

ICC meetings are normally scheduled monthly on the second Friday of each month, from 10:00 AM to noon. Meetings are held in the UF/IFAS Communications Conference Room in Building 69. Dates and location may vary with prior coordination.

Remote Participation

Via Blue Jeans

Meeting IDs will be communicated via e-mail. The general procedure for each client is as follows:

  • To join the Meeting: https://bluejeans.com/<meetingID>/
  • To join with Lync: https://bluejeans.com/<meetingID>/lync
  • To join via Browser: https://bluejeans.com/<meetingID>/browser
  • To join via Room System: Video Conferencing System: <meetingID>@bjn.vc
Via Polycom

Endpoints registered with the Gatekeeper may connect by dialing the 7-digit extension (aka "Conference ID"), which will always start with 783 for UF conferences. Non-registered endpoints may connect via ConferenceID@uc.ufl.edu (example: 7831234@uc.ufl.edu) or ConferenceID@ (example: 7831234@

Via Lync

You may also participate via Lync. Connect to a conference by entering confID@uc.ufl.edu, into the Lync contacts search field at the top where "confID" is the conference ID ("7832000@uc.ufl.edu" in this case). The contact will show below the search field. You can either right-click and select "Start a video call", or double-click to open the connection, then start video (see http://wiki.it.ufl.edu/wiki/Office_Communicator and http://wiki.it.ufl.edu/wiki/Lync for full details).

Via browser

<< View live stream of current meeting (when in progress)>>

Live streaming for those without Polycom is available during meetings at the link shown above. When connecting you should enter your name in the "Sign-in name" box, the extension number being used in the "Conference ID" box, select a streaming rate of either 384 or 192 and then click "Stream this conference". Clicking the "Click here to log in" link will also allow connection, but will log you in as "guest". All streams are in windows media format. You must also install the Codian codec.

Via phone (audio-only participation)

You may connect to a bridged conference phone by dialing (352) 372-4999 as explained off the "Help" tab at http://testvideo.at.ufl.edu/ep_db/conferencing.php.

Other out-of-band input

Input may be provided during meetings via a number of methods. E-mail to the ICC-L would enjoy the best chance of being seen and noted in a timely fashion.

Legacy access methods
  • Though not generally in use at meetings (due the availability of better phone-in options via the bridge), we do have the capability of having up to 9 remote participants phone in via the Meet-Me-Bridge at 846-0468.