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Schedule and Location

ICC meetings are normally scheduled monthly on the second Friday of each month, from 10:00 AM to noon. Meetings are held in the UF/IFAS Communications Conference Room in Building 69. Dates and location may vary with prior coordination.

Remote Participation

  • * Connecting via Acano
    Join with Lync:
    Enter if-icc@acano.uc.ufl.edu in the address field, then start a video call. This can be added to your contacts list.

    * Join by phone:

    Dial: 3522947155 (just use 47155 on UF VoIP)
    Call ID: 212777474

    * Join using a video conferencing device:

    Dial: if-icc@acano.uc.ufl.edu or same as phone, calling 47155, then call ID 212777474

    * Join using a Chrome or Firefox browser on a PC, Mac or Android device:
    (Internet Explorer 11 browser works; neither Safari nor Internet Explorer <11 work as browser, though IE will start the Acano Windows client if it’s installed)
    Click the link to join: https://acano.uc.ufl.edu/invited.sf?id=212777474
    Or, go to https://acano.uc.ufl.edu and enter Call ID: 212777474

    * Join with mobile devices:
    iOS iPhone or iPad, get Acano app from App Store.
    Android, use Lync, Chrome or Firefox

    * Recording
    A request has been made that this conference be recorded for later playback. I also intend to record the audio locally for later archival on our media server (check for those athttp://icc.ifas.ufl.edu/ICCMeetingAudio.htm).