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AD Resource Enumeration:

IFAS AD Sharepoint
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Proposed AD Budgets

  1. Original Preliminary AD Budget
  2. Revised Preliminary AD Budget

Proposed Timelines

WAN Structure

NT4 Hardware Enumeration tools

  1. Perl Script for recording the # of processors and amount of RAM in your servers
  2. server info.bat
    This script first builds a list of BDCs by calling findbdc.bat (below), then appends information for each in a text file (srv.txt) using the SRVINFO utility from the NT Server Resource Kit.
    This script builds a text file (bdc.txt) list of BDC names
    Note: uses the NETDOM utility which first appeared in the Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit, Supplement Two. This script apparently requires that version. This utility is also available in the Server Tools of both Windows 2000 and Windows XP (see Support\Tools folder on the installation CD), but these later versions would need the "netdom query /domain:xxx dc" syntax.

Templates for Submitting domain Enumeration Data

  1. All-Domain-Users.xls (available for download)
  2. Network Survey.xls (available for download)

Enumeration Results by domain

  1. All-IFASDOM-Users.xls (restricted access)
  2. Network Survey.xls (restricted access)
  1. All-IFASDOM-Users.xls (restricted access)
  2. Network Survey.xls (restricted access)

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