IFAS Computer Coordinators - Active Directory Sub-Committee


Friday, January 10, 2003 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Fifield Hall - Room 1304



I.                  Call to Order


II.               Minutes from Nov. 7 meeting

III.           Update on general ICC discussion from 01/09/03


IV.             UF AD Project

a.      Summary of January 9 meeting

b.     Schedule of upcoming design meetings

                                                              i.            IFAS participation


V.                IFAS AD Project budget discussion

a.      Status of IFAS AD Project funding

b.     Budget amendments:

                                                              i.            Phase in plan 3 phases

                                                            ii.            ID recurring costs vs. one-time costs

                                                          iii.            Establish funding priorities

                                                          iv.            Discuss alternative funding sources

c.       How to proceed with revised budget request?


VI.             Continued AD design discussions (time permitting)

a.      Site topology design


VII.         Committee Assignments



VIII.      Next Meeting



IX.             Adjourn