IFAS Computer Coordinators - Active Directory Sub-Committee


Wednesday, January 21, 2004 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Entomology Small Conference Room (Bldg. 970 - Rm 1012)



            I.      Update on UF AD implementation

         II.      Finalize IFAS AD People OU structure and naming

     III.      Status of IFAS "test" admin accounts for UFAD

a.      IFAS Administrative accounts

b.     Discuss tasks, roles, scope for IFAS and sub-unit administration

       IV.      Revise timeline for IFAS AD implementation

a.      Stated goal for completion of migration is 12/31/04

b.     ID barriers to implementation

                                                              i.      Domain controller security requirements

                                                            ii.      Budget & staffing

c.      Revise goals & milestones for planning, development & testing, migration

                                                              i.      Environment Enumeration

                                                            ii.      Budget planning

                                                          iii.      User & Resource OU structure and environment

                                                          iv.      Test environment / migration status

                                                            v.      Operational standards, policies, & procedures

                                                          vi.      Documentation

                                                        vii.      Migration

          V.      UF AD Test Environment

a.      IFAS test servers

       VI.      Committee Assignments

a.      Presentation to Department Heads - K. Hill

   VII.      Next Meeting

VIII.      Adjourn