IFAS Computer Coordinators - Active Directory Sub-Committee


Thursday, November 7, 2002 1:30 - 4:30 PM

Fifield Hall - Room 1304



I.                  Call to Order

II.               Minutes from last meeting

III.           Old Business

a.      Update on project budget

                                                              i.            Summary of budget proposal to ITPAC – Steve Lasley

                                                            ii.            Costs for upgrading REC WAN links to full T1 – Kevin Hill

                                                          iii.            Training proposals / costs – Sherry Hays

b.     Update on IFASDOM environment enumeration – Chris L. / Tim N.

c.      Update on project documentation – Steve Lasley


IV.             New Business

a.      ITAC–NI AD Working Group

                                                              i.            Summary of October 18 discussion meeting

                                                            ii.            Progress update

                                                          iii.            Participation in design meetings


V.                Continued AD design discussions

a.      Discussion of submitted designs

                                                              i.            OU organization & GPO design

b.     Site topology design


VI.             Committee Assignments



VII.         Next Meeting



VIII.      Adjourn