IFAS Computer Coordinators - Active Directory Sub-Committee


Thursday, June 24 2004 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Fifield Hall Room 1306




I.                  AD project timeline

1.     SID History migration

2.     Remote VPNs

3.     Exchange


II.               Changes in the IF-Computer Policy

a.      Administrator group renamed

b.     Deny logon rights were assigned to IF-Disable IFAS Access group and to built-in accounts


III.           Progress on the OU Management Agreement

a.      Responsibilities in access to student directory data

b.     Possible policy recommendation broadening the term "managed machine" within IFAS to include the right to administrative access by the respective OU Admin


IV.             Status of ICC inclusion in the UFGuest password of the day mailing list


V.                Revisit of training options

a.      Microsoft training

b.     How-to videos


VI.             Committee Assignments


VII.         Next Meeting


VIII.      Adjourn