IFAS Computer Coordinators - Active Directory Sub-Committee


Tuesday, July 23, 2002 1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Fifield Hall - Room  1302



I.                  Call to Order

II.               Minutes from last meeting

III.           Charge for the subcommittee – Phase II

a.      Project team will deliver a functional specification document for migration of IFASDOM to AD.

b.     Development of the migration planning document, as well as the  deployment itself will be tracked using a project timeline.

c.      Language to include possibility of assuming role of UF-wide root?

IV.             Define Project Team membership

a.      ICC sub-committee

b.     IT-NS

c.      Administrative Affairs

d.     Invite others?

V.                Developing a framework

a.      Envision – (May-June 02?) this was basically done in phase I

b.     Planning – (July – October 02?)

                                                              i.      Enumerate current environment (for IFAS?)

1.       Computers - permissions, devices, files, services, and shares

a.      Workstations

b.     Member servers

c.      Domain controllers – (CPU/RAM/Disk)

d.     Legacy systems

2.       Permissions: File, folder, printer and share permissions

3.     Users & Groups

a.      Faculty

b.     Staff

c.      Students

d.     Special case (courtesy / adjunct, etc.)

e.       Group membership: machine, domain local & global

4.     Services

a.      DNS / WINS / DHCP

b.     Directory information services

c.      Authentication services

d.     Exchange 5.5

e.      IIS / Apache

f.       Legacy services

5.     Network topology

a.      Core network QOS

b.     WAN links & QOS

6.     Organizational / Political Environment

a.      Administrative boundaries

b.       Barriers to centralized computing (M.Ross Survey)

                                                            ii.      Define new services

1.     Cross realm authentication (Gatorlink)

2.     Directory services synchronization?

3.     DNS

4.     Exchange2K – forest architecture implications


                                                          iii.      Assess needed resources (budget)

1.     Hardware

a.      DC’s (MS AD sizer -  estimates number)

2.     FTE

a.      Include Exchange2K in plan?

3.     Third party tools

a.      Migration tools – Aelitas et al

b.     Testing platforms – Vmware

4.     Training

5.     Outside consultants?

6.     Licensing (client access, server)


                                                          iv.      Define master project plan

1.     How many forests?

2.       Logical domain structure – single tree? Child domains?

3.     Physical domain structure – sites.

4.     In place upgrade or migration?

5.     All-at-once, or phased?

6.     Planning for security

7.     Establishing procedures

a.      Forest-wide changes (schema mods, CA hierarchy)

b.     Domain policies (no override GPO’s, etc.)

                                                            v.      Draft project timeline

1.     Identify deliverables for each step

2.     Identify responsible individuals

3.     Identify milestones

                                                          vi.      Project documentation & reporting

1.     Web-based

2.     List archives

3.     Directed e-mails

c.      Development & testing – (Nov’02 – Mar’03?)

d.     Deployment – (April 2003?)

e.      Ongoing deployment plans

                                                              i.      Intellisync

                                                            ii.      DFS

                                                          iii.      PKI / EFS

                                                          iv.      RIS

                                                            v.      Terminal Services / Remote Desktop

                                                          vi.      IPSec

VI.             Committee Assignments

VII.         Next Meeting

VIII.      Adjourn