IFAS Computer Coordinators - Active Directory Sub-Committee


Thursday, August 12, 2004 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Room 1306 – Fifield




I.                  AD Policy

o        IFAS OU Administrative Design Agreement passed by ITPAC


II.               AD Implementation

o        What it means to be co-managed or unit-managed

§         UFAD applications and services

§         Service descriptions

§         Anything that relies upon domain admin rights need to be
re-permissioned to a UFAD group.


o        AD changes made:

§         Login scripts conversion from kixtart to vbscipt

§         The setting “Accounts:  Rename administrator account” has been set to MrAdmin.

§         IF-IFAS Global computer was renamed to IF-Co-Managed Computer

§         IF-IFAS-IT-Managed merged into IF-Co-Managed Computer

§         IF-IFAS Global User was renamed to IF-Co-Managed User


o        Training Lab setup

§         Windows XP and Windows 98 Builds

§         IF-LSP-LAB01-IF-LSP-LAB05 will available for testing remotely


III.           IFAS migration timeline

o        Timeline update


o        Ordering and deployment schedule

§         DCs

§         Multi-purpose servers


o        Critical issues and dates

§         IFASDOM account lockdown

§         Claiming of groups for migration

§         Autogroups

§         User provisioning and deprovisioning

§         Windows 9X updates for AD


IV.             Committee Assignments


V.                 Next Meeting – August 26th


VI.             Adjourn