IFAS Computer Coordinators - Active Directory Sub-Committee


Tuesday, August 13, 2002 1:30 - 4:30 PM

Fifield Hall - Room 1306



I.                  Call to Order

II.               Welcome new participants

III.             Minutes from last meeting (None recorded)

IV.             Old Business

a.      Update on IFASDOM environment enumeration Chris L. / Tim N.

b.     Update on centralized computing questionnaire Sherry Hayes

c.      Update on project documentation Steve Lasley


V.                New Business

a.      Develop a spreadsheet for distribution to non-IFASDOM participants

                                                              i.            Environment and resource enumeration

                                                            ii.            Existing special services

                                                          iii.            Existing legacy systems

                                                          iv.            Special administrative and/or local control needs

                                                            v.            Other info important to design??


b.     Develop Project Timeline milestones and deliverables

c.      Discuss idea of outside consultant

                                                              i.            At what point in the project?

                                                            ii.            Costs / funding?

d.     Investigate in-kind grant opportunities for hardware / software



VI.             Preliminary AD design discussions

a.      How many forests?

b.     Logical domain structure

                                                              i.            Empty root?

                                                            ii.            Single tree? Child domains allowed?

                                                          iii.            User / computer containers

                                                          iv.            OU organization & GPO design

                                                            v.            Namespace / DNS integration

c.      Physical domain structure how many sites?

d.     In place upgrade or migration?

e.      All-at-once, or phased?

f.       Planning for security


VII.         Committee Assignments

VIII.      Next Meeting

IX.             Adjourn