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orig. May 9th, 2002
revised July 25th, 2002

Charge to AD Committee:

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This committee will be operated via a two-phase process:

Phase One

It is initially tasked with developing a written recommendation on the necessity of migrating core services from the NT 4.0 platform. Upon completion, this report will be presented to the ICC for consideration before being passed on to ITPAC. The requirements are intended to focus support on the issues most important to developing and maintaining core centralized IT services of which AD is a proposed part. Support from administration and units at all levels is necessary for the success of this project.

Phase Two

The second phase will begin a technical detailing of the issues involved in planning, and deploying AD. The goal is for the ICC to work with IFAS IT to ensure that the AD project addresses the needs and requirements of all IFAS units. Besides the technical implementation details, this phase will develop a written cost-benefit analysis, proposed budget, and schedule to be presented for ITPAC's consideration.

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