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Agenda for 2/13/15 ICC Meeting:

10 AM - The now old UF/IFAS Communications Building

Friday the 13th

The Agenda is in a Rough Draft. Check back the morning of the meeting for the final version.
  1. Report from the chairman
  2. Security discussion:
    • We've been attacked! Trojan finds its way into UF Email system and onto a lot of computers.
    • Patching Updates: Many to discuss, including several Adobe, Microsoft, Linux and Apple. Is Windows Update 3021952 for Windows 8.1 causing an Anyconnect failure?
    • McAfee and it's replacement: With our McAfee and PGP licenses are coming to an end, can IBM Endpoint fill its shoes? Will SCCM stick around?
  3. Videoconferencing and WAN discussion:
  4. Policy:
  5. Projects: ??
  6. Operations:
  7. Other Discussion

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