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Agenda for 3/13/15 ICC Meeting:

10 AM - The now old UF/IFAS Communications Building

Friday the 13th

The Agenda is in a Rough Draft. Check back the morning of the meeting for the final version.
  1. Report from the chairman
    • Membership:Kamin Miller has left Hort Sciences and moved over to the Warrington College of Business.
      Yes...this is it. The meeting we've all been dreading and the meeting he has been counting down to. Steve Lasley will be attending (by video) his last meeting today.
    • Recap since last meeting...
  2. Security discussion:
    • Patching Updates: Many to discuss, including several Adobe, Microsoft, Linux and Apple. Is Windows Update 3021952 for Windows 8.1 causing an Anyconnect failure?
    • McAfee and it's replacement: Update to TrendMicro and the bigfix?
  3. Videoconferencing and WAN discussion:
  4. Policy:
  5. Projects: ??
  6. Operations:
  7. Other Discussion

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