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IT Taskforce 2005 Update for 8/12/04 ICC Meeting:

10 AM - ICS conference room

Courtesy of Joe Spooner...


We've been moving along a little slower than preferred due to reworking of the survey based on recommendations from Ag Ed and Communication.


See above. It's moving slowly, but should go out in about the next week or two to several end users. Pete Vergot has also collected some data and opinion regarding the needs and interests of REC and CEO chairs/managers etc. Questions about the survey should go to Marion Douglas.

1997 Report Update

My team is 50% completed with its objectives. Our first objective or phase was a review of the recommendations made in 1997. We have completed our data collection for this and will have a report ready sometime next week. I'm currently working on the rough draft and want to have the team's agreement on its format, numbers and presentation before sending it out to the TaskForce for review. In short, not much was accomplished and rough numbers rough estimate that approximately 44% of the recommendations were completed to some level of satisfaction over the past 8 years. We'll be moving into Phase II with an external analysis of the top 8 land grant AAU institutions to see what they are doing and who might be leading in IT. This would help form the basis for reasonable and balanced recommendations.

Web Team

The web team is pretty much over, though on that front there is a committee that is interviewing candidates for the position of IFAS Web Manager who will manage and coordinate with a small team of IT, Training and writing people for web needs. I'm part of that committee and I can tell you we've had some good candidates and will hopefully make a decision within the next two weeks. I thinking that this person would start working for IFAS sometime in mid to late September. The entire staff for this team will come on board from some position relocations and maybe a new hire, but that is speculation on my part as to the ability to hire new FTE for this team.

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