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Minutes of September 13, 2007 ITAC-NI Meeting:

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    Minutes by Dan Miller

    Erik Deumens filled in as chair for Jack Sabin.

    1. Elect new chair.
    2. Dan Miller offered and was accepted by acclamation. Question on whether he was officially on the committee. Issued was referred to Marc Hoit who approved the selection.

    3. Progress on CIO hiring?
    4. No one had real news on the subject. Most knew that the CFO hiring was going forward.

    5. Some discussion on ITAC committee overlap.
    6. A new ITAC sub-committee on Centralized MS Exchange has been created and there is also a Calendar sub-committee.

    7. Is a Technology fee coming to UF?
    8. It seems to be in limbo at this time.

    9. A review of progress on the CNS Wall-Plate project.
    10. Tim Fitzpatrick reviewed current status and the success of VoIP in conjunction with centrally funded Wall-Plate ports.

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