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Notes from April 30, 2003 ITPAC Meeting:

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    Austin Gregg (with assistance by Tracy Irani) presented a synopsis of his thesis on "IT Use by County Agents and Future Needs", which is available at http://survey.ifas.ufl.edu.

    Ashley Wood presented an update on the Interactive Communication Task Force Committee of which he is chair. His update was centered around this memo.

    Dan Cromer proposed a motion that "IFAS IT pursue E-mail Anti-SPAM measures". Dan did not want to include technical details at this time. The motion passed.

    A discussion was held about follow through on ITPAC recommendations. Joe Joyce requested that ITPAC recommendations be formally presented in the form of an executive summary to his office noting that follow up would then be better assured. Update of the ITPAC website was discussed. Steve Lasley proposed "Three Motions for Improving IT Processes within IFAS" that will be considered at the next ITPAC meeting to be held in August. Joe Joyce expressed his gratitude for the continuing involvement of the ICC.

last edited 2 May 2003 by Steve Lasley