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E-mail quota increase requests:

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Note: Coordination with user is requested!:

E-mail quotas can be increased via a request to the HelpDesk. There are end-user considerations to note in this, however:

If a client requests a quota increase for their mailbox, it will have to go off line for that to happen. Dwight has to move the mailbox from one mailbox store to another mailbox store, as the quota rules are based on the mailbox store being used. This requires that the client indicate what time they can be logged out of Outlook for about 15 minutes. Larger mailboxes will take more time. Dwight can schedule the process, so if they want it done at a particular time (say, 12:00 AM) that is an option as well. Coordinating the logoff with your user will help speed up the process for both Dwight and the client.

last edited 3 June 2005 by Steve Lasley