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Installing the ePO agent:

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To install the ePO agent:

The most recent ePO Agent (ePO Common Management Agent will be pushed out via the normal Agent update and also via the UFAD logon scripts. The Agent can be installed manually using the UFAD_ePOAgent.exe:

  1. You must be logged on with an account that has administrative right to proceed.
  2. Copy the file from the following location to the local drive:
    \\ad.ufl.edu\ifas\security-tools\epo-agents\ePOAgent.exe. We will assume in this case that you have placed it in "C:\Temp"
  3. Click on the Start button and select the "Run..." option
  4. In the "Run" box, type "cmd" and press "Enter". (This will run a command prompt.)
  5. Install the Agent using the following command line:
    C:\Temp\UFAD_ePOAgent.exe /Install=agent /ForceInstall
  6. The installation should then proceed. Make sure you give the installer enough time to do its work. If you see any 'FrmInst.exe' or 'UFAD_ePOAgent.exe' in the process list, the install is not complete. 'FrameworkService.exe' should be running after the install is finished.

last edited 27 May 2008 by Steve Lasley