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IFAS account reporting
and notification:

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Chris Hughes, who has since left IFAS, developed a great reporting tool. Currently, several "UF Active Directory Reports" are available:

  • Computers with passwords older then 83 days
  • Employees added to the IFAS OU
  • Employees removed from the IFAS OU
  • Local Group Memberships Pending Deletion
  • Mailbox Removal
  • Non-IFAS Members of IFAS UFAD Groups
  • Non-IFAS Members of Local Computer Groups


The former web-based reporting system was very flexible, useful and attractively done. The web-interface was produced via SQL Reporting Services and the reports were created using VS 2003. Gatorlink credentials were used for login, but with IE (depending on browser settings), it uses Windows Integrated Authentication--so no further login prompting occurred. Besides having impressive search, export and print features, there was a subscription service where you could schedule e-mail delivery of reports in various formats. Way cool, but AFAIK, the scheduling aspect has been lost due to security concerns with the original application.

last edited 25 September 2007 by Steve Lasley