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Agenda for 1/9/03 ICC Meeting:

  1. Report from the chairman
    • Sherry Hays leaving IFAS this month. Relocating to Ohio.
    • Upcoming ITPAC meeting January 31st. Kevin Hill will be representing the ICC in my absence. Request to Dan Cromer that meeting be streamed and made available afterwards.
    • Actual edible and useful incentives for ICC participation.
  2. Report from AD Committee
    • Kevin Hill to be at UF AD meeting along with many other ICC members. Discussion among those present.
  3. Report(s) from IT/NS
    • All IT/NS staff to attend the UF AD meeting and therefore not available.
  4. Other Discussion
    • Mike Armstrong: "UF IT's sinister plot to take over network support"
    • Mike Armstrong: expansion of the campus VPN to RECs
    • Gatorlink upgrade and secure sockets email access
  5. Peer Support discussions-tips and links

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