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Agenda for 2/11/05 ICC Meeting:

10 AM - ICS Conference Room
  1. Report from the chairman
  2. Report from the AD Committee:
    • Kevin Hill, chairman: AD general status report
    • Chris Hughes, AD Lead: progress report
  3. Report from the Network Security Committee
    • John Sawyer: Security status report.
  4. Report(s) from IT/NS
    • Chris Leopold: The wallplate
    • Chris Leopold: new hire for IT/SA IIS position and other staffing changes
    • Chris Leopold: Weekly meetings to plan, develop, and document IT/SA services
    • Chris Hughes: Proposal to move all IFAS machines and printers to DHCP from static addressing
    • Chris Leopold: Proposal for migrating all IFAS subnets to private IPs
    • Dwight Jesseman: security group naming convention
    • Dwight Jesseman: approved list of IT/SA services
  5. Other Discussion

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