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Agenda for 3/13/03 ICC Meeting:

  1. Report from the chairman
    • Annual ICC officer elections. Redux?
    • Kudos to Dan Cromer and the ITNS staff for improving remote participation opportunities.
    • Revisit: How shall we allocate ICC funds?
    • Another Peer2Peer Workshop is scheduled from 1-4pm in room 282 of the Reitz Union. It will cover "The UF Web Portal: Concepts and Content", "The UF Directory Project" and "Best Practices for Secure Installation of IT Resources."
  2. Report from AD Committee
    • Kevin Hill: Report on status of AD initiative.
    • Dan Cromer: AD budget update.
  3. Report(s) from IT/NS
    • Tim Nance: will be out of town...
    • Chris Leopold: will be out of town...
    • Dwight Jesseman: upgrading to Group Shield v5; which email attachments should be blocked? (see: http://help.ifas.ufl.edu under pull-down menu How To's/Email/Attachments/Blocked Attachments)
    • Dan Cromer: security patch software plans and AD budget update if available...
  4. Other Discussion
    • John Sawyer: report from first UF Workstation Support Group meeting...
    • Win9X boxes: Upgrade or replacement through attrition with possible network restrictions?
    • Dan Cromer: AUP for Faculty/Staff on Plaza websites, changes in FIRN/Hughes...
    • Service Documentation Requirements

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