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Agenda for 4/10/03 ICC Meeting:

  1. Report from the chairman
    • Introductions of members (as needed)...
    • Peer2Peer Workshop notes are now available on the ICC website.
    • Video (Polycom) access to ICC meetings. Quarterly, semi-annually, yearly? What do you think?
    • Next ITPAC meeting is scheduled for April 30th from 9:30AM-Noon in 1031A McCarty.
  2. Report from the AD Committee
    • Kevin Hill: Status of ICC AD initiative.
    • Mike Kanofsky: ITNS AD status and update
    • UF level: George Bryan has been in the UF AD lead position since March 24th.
  3. Report(s) from IT/NS
    • Dwight Jesseman: the new GIS Server and what server service ITNS can provide...
    • Chris Leopold: The future of SMS in IFAS and policy statement on personal firewall use...
    • Mike Kanofsky: status of the new backup server SRVNAS2
    • Tim Nance: to be announced...
  4. Other Discussion
    • The second meeting of the UF Workstation Support Group has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 23 at 1:30 PM in room 286 of the Reitz Union.

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