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Agenda for 4/8/05 ICC Meeting:

10 AM - ICS Conference Room
  1. Report from the chairman
  2. Seeking ICC recommendation:
    • Review IT/SA budget request for comments and ICC recommendation
  3. Progress on standing issues:
    • Dwight Jesseman: Status of IFAS e-mail policy revision
    • In need of administrative action: hire/fire procedures, "network managed by", FTE for UFAD, methods for end user maintenance/other informational notifications from IT
    • Office Administrative Install Point vs. Local Installation status
    • Proposal for migrating all IFAS subnets to private IPs
    • Status of Remedy trouble ticket system for IFAS
    • Making the ICC security group a distribution list...
    • Proposal to upgrade all of IFAS to Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2003 Server by Dec. 31, 2005. Win98 and Win2K phase out implementation.
    • The wallplate
    • Moving all IFAS machines and printers to DHCP from static addressing
    • Approved list of IT/SA services vs. documentation
  4. Report from the IFAS IT Charter committee:
    • Joe Spooner, chairman: status report if available
  5. Report from the AD Committee:
    • Kevin Hill, chairman: AD general status report
    • Chris Hughes, AD Lead: on vacation
  6. Report from the Network Security Committee
  7. Report(s) from IT/NS
    • None pending currently...
  8. Other Discussion
    • Mark Ross: proposal for IFAS to move away from Omniform for its forms usage and to standardize on Acrobat only
    • Your input is welcomed...

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