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Agenda for 4/9/04 ICC Meeting:

  1. Report from the vice-chairman
    • Dennis Brown will be assisting ICC chairman Steve Lasley in the role of vice-chairman and will be running the meetings for the next few months...
    • New members (introducing Winnie Lante)...
    • Recap from last meeting...
    • Report from ITPAC meeting of March 30th...
  2. Report from the AD Committee:
    • Kevin Hill, chairman: AD general status report
  3. Report(s) from IT/NS (in no particular order)
  4. Other Discussion
    • Mike Armstrong: Better preparation for ITPAC meetings
    • Joe Hayden: Administrative access on IFAS computers
    • Dan Cromer: POP access and cell phone use
    • Claude King, et. al.: keeping our website up-to-date with our County extension offices and Research Centers phone numbers.
    • Your input is welcomed...

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