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Agenda for 8/14/03 ICC Meeting:

  1. Report from the chairman
    • Introductions of members (as needed)...
    • Recap from last meeting...
    • Improving remote participation at the UF level...
  2. Report(s) from IT/NS
  3. Report from the AD Committee
  4. Other Discussion
    • Dan Cromer: How long should accounts remain active after owner's departure?
    • Dan Cromer: Would it be appropriate to mandate use of Microsoft Internet Explorer as the browser for use with certain IFAS applications software, for reasons of simplifying sign-on authentication; e.g. Microsoft internal rather than SSL certificate to keep authentication encrypted?
    • Dan Cromer: Personnel changes in central IFAS IT.
    • Dan Cromer: Brief introduction to the Faculty Accomplishments System 2 now in development http://fas2test.ifas.ufl.edu.
    • Dan Cromer: Brief discussion of UF Bridges, including demo of enterprise reporting.
    • Comments from July 31st Peer2Peer Workshop...
    • Submissions welcome...

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