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Sent:                                           Tuesday, January 15, 2008 2:15 PM

To:                                               Lasley, Steven E

Subject:                                     RE: [ICC-L] Notes and audio from last week's meeting are now available...


Welcome to UF Exchange!

The University of Florida is building a new email system.  This new system, UF Exchange, is designed to meet all the requirements of a top public research university.

Your unit will migrate to UF Exchange beginning this Friday.  Your email will not be available to you for several hours over the coming weekend as the migration occurs.  By the end of the weekend, you will be using the new email system.  All your email in your current unit’s system will be transferred automatically to the same locations in UF Exchange.

Many things remain the same and some things will change.  Two changes that you should pay close attention to are 1) automatic removal of old email (see Managing Your Email below), and 2) the new Outlook Web Access available at This web site also describes the new system and its features.

Managing Your Email

UF Exchange provides new tools to help you manage your email.  You can find more information on these tools – new methods for handling unwanted or spam email, and new options for emails, calendars, task lists and much more.  To learn more visit

UF Exchange provides automatic removal of your old email and gives you complete control over which email you wish to keep and which email you do not want to keep.

You can create a folder in your mailbox called “Retain Permanently”.  Any email you place in Retain Permanently will be retained permanently!  Email outside of Retain Permanently will eventually be removed for you.

For example, old email in the Inbox and all folders of the Inbox, will be moved to the Deleted Items folder for you after 365 days.  That is, one year after receipt of an email, if you haven’t moved it to your Retain Permanently area, the email will be moved for you to a corresponding folder in Deleted Items.  If you want to keep the email, you MUST move it from this folder within 30 days of its being moved there.  Any email you leave in Deleted Items for more than 30 days will be deleted for you.

If you have no need to keep emails longer than 13 months, you need to do nothing.  If you have a need to retain email permanently, move any email you wish to Retain Permanently and it will be retained.

Please give a few moments of thought to how you plan to manage your email.  You may learn more about managing your email at the UF Exchange web site –

What you should do now

1.       Learn more.  Visit the UF Exchange web site at  You will find information there about your move to UF Exchange and the features of this new system.

2.       Try it!  Visit and click on Outlook Web Access.  Sign on with your GatorLink username and password.  And then you are in!  You can use Outlook Web Access now and it will be just the same after you migrate.

3.       Know your technical support.  Be sure you know who provides your local technical support and how you will contact them if needed.  Each unit moving to UF Exchange has identified technical support.  If you do not know who provides your local technical support, please check the UF Exchange web site

4.       Review your current stored email.  You should be familiar with where your email is stored now and how it is retained, so that you can take appropriate action to retain important email after you are using UF Exchange.

After you are on UF Exchange

Please let your local technical support people know of any difficulties you may have. Continue to learn more about the system at and in particular, determine how you will manage your email.  And please let us know what you think of your new email system. Send us a note at   We’d be happy to hear from you!

The UF Exchange Team