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Requesting Roles for Managing NMB

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Managing the NMB relationship requires having certain directory roles:

Unit Directory Security Administrators (DSAs) have the capability of using the Admin Menu at the UF Portal to request roles for individuals within their department. It is convenient for OU Admins to have the roles which allow them to browse the directory and to set the NMB relation for their own users. For an OU Admin to manage NMB, you would need to have your DSA request the appropriate roles for the highest level directory control needed using the 8-digit department code for their unit. Note that these are "legacy" roles, so the pulldown in the second column must be used to select "Legacy" before the Legacy role choices can be accessed. The actual roles are assigned by Nancy Hodge upon review of the requests. Nancy is available to assist in this process (nhodge@ufl.edu - 352-273-1388). Please realize that a certain amount of patience and persistance has been needed for those who have attempted this so far. If you stick with it, however, you will be rewarded.

The desired "roles / scopes" are:

  • UF_N_DIR_BROWSE_DEMOG_INFO / **** (browse all)
  • UF_N_DIR_MAITAIN_ORGANIZATION / IFIF** (using your 8-digit departmental code)
  • UF_N_DIR_MAITAIN_ROLES / IFIF** (using your 8-digit departmental code)
  • UF_N_DIR_RELATE_PERSON / IFIF** (using your 8-digit departmental code)
  • UF_N_DIR_MAINT_DEMOGRAPH_INFO / IFIF** (using your 8-digit departmental code)

last edited 5 September 2006 by Steve Lasley