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Agenda for 12/2/05 IT/SA Staff Meeting:

3:00pm - Building 120
Conference Room
  • Project Review
  • Introduction of new IFAS OIT OPS Web Programmer (Chang Lin)
    Two major projects will include:
    1. Assist with web migration programming
    2. If-srv-hydro SQL migration
  • Computer Room Maintenance
    • Review the proposed new postions of computer racks in the computer room
    • Review tentative Sunday Maintaince plan for moving Wright-Line racks this Sunday
    • Develop a plan for Dell racks at some future point possiblible Dec 28th - 30th
  • Website Migration
    • Status update from Marshall
    • Brainstorm/Discuss
      • Website data sync procedure with old webserver
      • End-user notification of development website created by ITSA
      • ITSA notification by end-user that test site is working

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