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Agenda for 2/4/05 IT/SA Staff Meeting:

2 PM - Entomology Conference Room

Current Projects:

  1. Help Desk System
  2. SRVXXXXX Decommissioning
  3. Backup to Gainesville of DHCP, print shares on MPS servers
  4. IF-SRV-WEB01 Space Concerns
  5. Identify all maintenance contracts

Proposed FY2005 Projects:

  1. Additional remote site DCs and MPS
  2. Additional HDD for MPS. Not backed up but will host DFS for software install points.
  3. High speed access for all remote sites
  4. Microsoft Premier Support Agreement
  5. Separate Print Server for on campus print queues
  6. Consolidate on-campus file servers and provide access via DFS over webdav
  7. New Web Servers
  8. Upgrade all clients to Windows XP - RIS
  9. New switches with monitoring software

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