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Agenda for 5/6/05 IT/SA Staff Meeting:

2:00pm - Building 120
Conference Room

Project Review

  • Tuesday's removal of the PathMTUDiscovery workaround (who is going to be where and when)
    • Some UFAD Exchange FE won't be patched (How do we deal with this issue if a problem arises)
  • Building 285 wireless installation
  • Multi-Switch location deployments (Micro/Reed)
  • Possible Homestead trip
  • ListServ/Exchange LDAP Query distribution co-existence
  • Other projects discussions


  • Review the newly installed updates to Remedy
    • Assign to (won't send email to assignee)
  • Discuss any outstanding ITSA issues with HelpDesk filled out tickets
  • Discuss Flow Chart or computer script for HelpDesk to follow/run
    • all services should be included on flow-chart IIS, Email, Network and etc.
  • Do we want to use the MPS at remote site hosting Diagnostic tools?
    • If yes, what types and how will they be used (Jack Kramer's email)

last edited 6 May 2005 by Steve Lasley