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BlackBerry Enterprise
Server for Exchange:

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Lead: Dwight Jesseman

Getting Started:

  • Client licenses for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) are available for a $99 purchase directly from BlackBerry.
  • After you purchase a license, you will receive a "key" which you should supply to Dwight so he can register you into the server.
  • Additional yearly costs may be involved when we have to renew our TSupport maintenance contract--as that cost depends on the number of users we have.
  • Enhancement features (such as spell check, network printing and file access) are also available at a yearly cost of $85 from METAmessage.
  • There is soon to be a BlackBerry Connect™ for Palm OS which may broaden the number of our users who may take advantage of BES.

last edited 14 March 2005 by Steve Lasley