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Lead: Dwight Jesseman


  • You may arrange with Dwight Jesseman to use centralized backup via the Remedy system by creating a new ticket for yourself, entering the details of your request, and assigning it to Dwight. Details of using Remedy in this manner are found here. There are currently five individuals for whom IT is supplying backup services: Wayne Hyde, Steve Lasley, Richard Phelan, Mark Ross and Joe Spooner. This service is being supplied in exchange for those people providing an agent license for Veritas Backup Exec (item #563084 via CDWG for $145.00) and media (Data Cartridge for LTO-2 Tape Drives - 5-Pack via Dell for $228.36). This service is available to other on-campus units as well.


Administrative access to the system is provided via the Veritas Backup Exec 10.0 client. You must run this client using your OU Admin credentials. When it starts, you will be given a "Connect to Media Server" dialog box, where you will have to enter the server name (if-srv-backup) and your OU Admin logon credentials. Once connected, you can monitor jobs, view reports, and submit backup or restore jobs.

Suggested restore settings:

When creating a restore job, a number of property settings are suggested:

  • Destination > File Redirection: Dwight has provided a location \\if-srv-backup\restore to where it is recommended that jobs be routed. All users have read access to this and OU Admins have full access via \\if-srv-backup\d$\restore. To use this, check the "redirect file sets" box and browse via the "..." button to D:\Restore. The various fields will then be set properly for you. Note: you may also access this area via FTP by setting the hostname to "restore.ifas.ufl.edu".
  • Settings > General: You will want to give the job a easily recognizable name. You should consider unchecking restore security--especially if you do not redirect the restore as suggested above. If you don't, the security settings on the entire structure will be replaced. Depending on the structure you wish to restore, you also might want to uncheck "Preserve tree".
  • Settings > Notification: You can use this setting to get an e-mail notification of job completion or failure.

You will want to notice the tape number of the tape you are pulling from: that is shown at the root of the selection tree for a particular backup job--you may have to scroll the field to see it. The tape numbers look like "000001" and are followed by a set number. It helps Dwight if you e-mail him that you have started a job and let him know the tape number. Not all tapes are mounted at all times, and some older tapes may have already been moved to off-site storage at CNS.

last edited 26 May 2006 by Steve Lasley