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Setting up LDAP
directory access to UFAD:

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with thanks to Chris Hughes


This procedure may be useful for students or others who are using Gatorlink for e-mail and who have Outlook configured to access their e-mail via IMAP.

EXAMPLE: Configuring Outlook to use LDAP for directory lookup

You have to use either the Control Panel's "Mail" applet or the Tools > E-mail Accounts menu item within Outlook. The idea is to use the Wizard to add a new directory.

For directory type, you should specify "Internet Directory Service (LDAP)". The server name should be "ad.ufl.edu" and you need to check the box that says "This server requires me to logon" as well as supply your "ufad\GLusername" and password. Under "More Settings..." you will need to set the port used to "636" and enter a search base of "OU=People, OU=UF, DC=ad, DC=ufl, DC=edu".

Once this is done, you may then run Tools > Address Book. You get an error, but if you select Advanced and Search, it will allow you to search--by lastname for example.

Instructions on how to avoid the error are available. They require a user-level registry setting which prevents the error: You create a new key, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\LDAP with a DWORD value of "DisableVLVBrowsing" set to a value of "1". You still have to use the advanced search, but the "Check Names" feature will work fine (e.g., type lastname,firstname {without any spaces} or portion thereof in the To: field and press Alt-k).

last edited 8 May 2007 by Steve Lasley