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IFAS hosts a website (ufad\if-admn credentials required) and fileshare to assist in the distribution of certain software packages. The UF Software Licensing Service handles site licenses for a number of major packages as well. UF has a Microsoft Campus Agreement for Windows OS upgrades and Microsoft Office, as well as a Select Agreement for other Microsoft software. These various sources are your first and best bet for locating and purchasing software for departmental use.

IFAS Office Install Points:

Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 install points are maintained by Steve Lasley.

IFAS Software Site:

This site, which requires ufad\if-admn credentials for access, is maintained by Chris Leopold and primary hosts software available through the Microsoft Campus Agreement. The image files for WinXP and Vista are available there along with the license keys. Installation files for Office XP, 2003 and 2007 versions may also be found there. Additionally, there is an install file for the GatorLink L2TP/IPSEC VPN which is so useful with WIPA for wireless logon via dialup connection.

Note: the Vista and Office 2007 links are held off-site and you will need to provide your Gatorlink credentials to get those.

Microsoft Campus Agreement #7935165:

This agreement should be visible to those with access on the MVLS. To request access to that site, contact Dan Cromer.

The agreement covers Windows (client) upgrades and Office. Software listed under this agreement is usable on University machines free of additional charge, governed by the terms of our current Campus Agreement. The Office portion includes Access, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel for Windows. For the Mac, it includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Entourage. These are available to all employees for use on university-owned equipment. Additionally, there is a Work at Home provision which allows (with certain restrictions) UF faculty and staff to use these packages at home.

We are currently licensed for the ‘Core’ CAL Suite, not the ‘Enterprise’ CAL Suite. The Core CAL’s include Server 2003 R2, Exchange Server 2007 Standard, SharePoint 2007 Standard, and SMS 2003 R2. CAL’s do not provide us with the right to install software. They simply allow all computers covered by our Campus Agreement to legally connect to data contained on these systems/servers. If you host data that will be accessed by clients on any server types other than these (MS SQL, for example), you may need to purchase individual CAL’s to cover any client access to these systems. (with thanks to Erik Schmidt)

Microsoft Select Agreement #7133077:

This other agreement should be visible to those with access on the MVLS as well. Again, to request access to that site, contact Dan Cromer.

Microsoft software and media that are not covered by the Campus Agreement, are generally available under UF's Select Agreement. This would include such things as the various Microsoft Server packages. Purchases of such things, both licenses and media, are handled through Dell. One can locate the necessary product SKUs from the monthly price list which is posted on the UF Purchasing web site and then order them on-line from the Dell Premier site. Questions or problems may be referred to our Dell Sales representative, who is currently Ed Kaloustian. To obtain CDkeys for media installation, call 888-352-7140 and provide the representative with the enrollment number (which is 7133077), also indicating that we purchase the "select license" (see bottom of http://www.purchasing.ufl.edu/main_contracts-microsoft.asp).

This select agreement allows for the separate purchase of licenses and installation media. When a key is required you may obtain those by calling 888-352-7140 and providing the representative with the enrollment number (7133077). Please indicate that we purchase the "select license".

UF Software Licensing Services:

This UF service is managed by James Hardeman. It handles licensing for a wide range of software products, including Adobe (and now Macromedia) products, SAS, SigmaPlot, and many others. All details are available from their web site