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The Gatorlink Namespace:

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Currently only the UF helpdesk can change Gatorlink usernames. The project to increase the namespace has been repeatedly delayed for well over a year and been added to the Gatorlink account management project. The last date we had was mid-September, but based on George's presentation at the ICC meeting, it appears this will be further delayed. Chris Hughes has emailed Mike Conlon to get an update and see if they are still on track for this deadline. Chris does not anticipate that the procedure for changing Gatorlink usernames will be any different then it is now, and suspects it will continue to require action by the UF helpdesk. The items IT/SA are currently working on are to make sure permissions and e-mail addresses accurately reflect any changes in Gatorlink names for IFAS users.

As for getting Gatorlink name changes currently, Dennis Brown reports that he has had folks get their Gatorlink names successfully changed by going to an office in the CSE building and presenting ID. There is a reception desk on the 2nd or 3rd floor where they will help you. This won't help folks in remote sites much though.

If you have complaints regarding how UF IT is managed, make the complaints to the person in charge, Marc Hoit, the Interim Provost of IT. In his Open Letter to OIT Staff in March he stated, "Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, concerns or questions." His e-mail address is mhoit@ufl.edu.

last edited 22 August 2005 by Steve Lasley