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Recommendation for a UF-level solution to correct display name problems affecting Exchange Global Address Book functionality:

  • Status: approved by ICC on 11/3/2004
    The UF Directory implements a single, user-selectable text field which is currently used by the UF Exchange organization to populate Exchange display names and hence control sorting of names within the Global Address List (GAL). This implementation neither encourages nor supports any particular naming convention, with the result that display names will not sort usefully within the GAL.
    The ICC recommends that these display names be auto-populated from four separate user-selectable text fields that already exist in the UF Directory. These fields permit the entry of a user selected "Last Name" "First Name" "Middle Initial" and "Generational Qualifier". This would enforce a standard "Last Name, First Name Middle Initial, Generational Qualifier" format that would encourage proper sorting of names within the Exchange Global Address List for all of UF.

    Dissent: A substantial minority thought that the current implementation was superior because it gives the user complete control over the formatting of their own display name. These same people felt that the GAL need not be accessed directly by the end user and consequently the sort order was unimportant.

last edited 3 November 2004 by Steve Lasley