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Recommendation for setting confirmation on posts to IFAS listservs:

  • Status: approved by ICC on 2/11/2005
    IFAS listserv lists are being hit with spam--some of which spoofs IFAS users as being the supposed sender. This has been a most visible problem lately with the IFAS-ALL list, but potentially affects all lists. The ICC recommends configuring our lists so that posts must be confirmed. The mechanism for this already exists in our listserv software. When people send to a list, they would receive a confirmation e-mail to which they must reply before the original message was actually posted.

    Additionally, it is recommended that monthly posts be made to the IFAS-ALL explaining some basics of how the listserv works. This should include a reminder about the confirmation and the reason behind it, and also address other other FAQs such as: "don't try to sell your car on the IFAS-ALL" and "don't send a note to the list asking to be taken off, because that is not an option". These sorts of user-directed documentation also could be included in the confirmation messages.

    While such a confirmation setting would be the suggested standard method for all IFAS lists, turning that off would still be allowed at the discretion of individual list admins. Consequently, documentation should be supplied for listserv admins on where to find this confirmation setting and how to use it.

    Dissent: None

last edited 13 February 2005 by Steve Lasley