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Recommendation for requiring confirmation on all IFAS lists:

  • Status: approved by ICC on 3/11/2005


    Since e-mail "from:" addresses can be falsified, messages can be sent to IFAS lists that pretend to be from someone else. Because the content of such messages could be potentially embarrassing or even malicious or harmful, it would be desireable to prevent such occurrences.

    Recommended Solution:

    The ICC recommends that all IFAS lists require confirmation by the sender before a post is made. Our listserv software can be configured so that, when someone sends to a list, a reply is sent to the "from:" address, requiring confirmation. This would solve the original problem and also give senders the opportunity to reconsider if what they were posting was appropriate or desireable.

    Additionally, the ICC recommends that IFAS IT investigates whether or not custom confirmations can be sent which might remind those posting to the IFAS-ALL of what sorts of messages were and were not appropriate for that venue.

    Dissent: None

last edited 6 April 2005 by Steve Lasley