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Recommendation concerning Exchange e-mail account retention for employees who have left IFAS:

  • Status: approved by ICC on 7/9/04

    Participation in the UFAD will make certain aspects of the current e-mail account retention policies technically impossible. Under the proposed UFAD system, user accounts belong to UF and not IFAS. When a person's affiliation with IFAS is ended, and this is formalized by a change in their UF directory entry that moves their user account out of the IFAS user OU, IFAS would no longer have access to the attributes of that account and could therefore not continue to provide Exchange service. Consequently, the ICC will recommend to ITPAC that the current policy that provides for 6 month e-mail account retention be changed. The proposal is that e-mail forwarding accounts be created and retained for a 1 year minimum. This only affects those who no longer retain IFAS affiliation and might include those who move to other UF departments outside IFAS or those who have left completely. It would not include such categories as emeritus faculty or faculty who have moved, perhaps, to another university but still engage in UF business such as participating in grants or graduate student committees. Those categories can retain their IFAS affiliation in the UF Directory and thus their e-mail accounts for as long as is necessary. Procedures are being developed that will provide, as part of the exit process, a backup of all e-mail as well as assistance in forwarding e-mail to a new location. Since UF retains e-mail accounts at least 6 months after a person leaves, one option for the short-term is to assist exiting employees in forwarding to a Gatorlink account.

    Dissent: None, apart from concerns that e-mail be archived for the departing employee against the possibility of a loss of any potentially important information.

last edited 9 July 2004 by Steve Lasley