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ICC Meeting Minutes:


MINUTES OF September 12, 2002       REGULAR MEETING

A regular meeting of the ICC was held on Thursday, September 12th, 2002. The meeting was chaired and called to order by Steve Lasley, at 10:00 a.m. in the Fifield Conference Room, room 1304.

PRESENT: sixteen members participated. Remote participants: Mike Armstrong, Kevin Hill, Jack Kramer, Earl Slone and Harry Trafford. On-site participants: David Ayers, David Bauldree, Dan Cromer, Joe Hayden, Sherry Hays, Dwight Jesseman, Mike Kanofsky, Steve Lasley, Tim Nance, John Sawyer and Mark Ross

ABSENT: Official membership list not yet available and thus absentees indeterminable.

MINUTES: Minutes from the last meeting were approved without comment. (Audio record of meetings is available online at http://icc.ifas.ufl.edu/ICCMeetingAudio.htm.)

As Chris Leopold was absent, the Chairman solicited a volunteer to take minutes. Sherry Hays kindly volunteered; these are her minutes with minor modifications by the chair.

Meeting was called to order and agendas were distributed by the chairman. (The agenda is available online at http://icc.ifas.ufl.edu/meetings.htm.)

Report From Chairman:

Remote participation needs to be improved. It would cost approximately $100 per meeting to use 5-way conference calling.

Under peer support, ICC fax forum was created - virutally nobody is participating. Please use for all suggestions, etc.

Steve mentioned that the IT website needs revamping. Dan Cromer said that the IT website is currently undergoing revisions and asked us to wait to see the new site before providing suggestions.

Report From AD Subcommittee:

Kevin gave an update on the AD Committee meeting. Steve put the AD timeline on the web and brought it up for everyone to look at during the meeting. Kevin said that we have entered the budget-planning phase. We are also in the initial phase of AD design, how forests, work, etc. The budget is online as well. Wish the design we are talking about we didn't talk about remote sites that logon - they will need a separate domain controller, this would affect the budget, as we will need to add several servers for the remote sites.

Kevin showed everyone how to access the budget sheet and working papers for the AD committee.

The AD committee will be meeting again October 8th. ITPAC will be meeting in mid-October, where we will be discussing the AD budget to date.

Mark asked how much it cost to go to the NT domain. Mike explained that the costs were spread out over a long period of time.

Report(s) From IT/NS:

Chris Leopold was on vacation.

Tim gave an update on software that has been updated on the server (serve SUS). This is for testing purposes only, it will only hotfixes not service packs and is only for Windows 2000 and XP.

The building for router-generator for safekeeping (vault) is not going to be happen for a while. Wireless will be installed in the next 2 weeks.

UF Security Plan - disaster recovery plan - very few people have supplied anything to this date. Within the next month a new plan should show up on the web. More details will be in web, advertising, etc.

Kevin asked Tim to email everyone on the ICC the recommendations for a security committee. Kevin asked for someone to volunteer to be the contact for the committee.

Other Items

Dwight will be manning a booth for ITSA day. He will be presenting a password cracking software, LC3 crack. This will be an example of how easy passwords are to crack that most users at UF use. John S. said he wanted to setup a sniffer to show how it works.

Dan C. asked someone else to help man the booth, John S. volunteered. He will be using SNORT software.

Dan C. told everyone that the IT department will be turning off the www.ifas.ufl.edu server and moving from VMS server to an NT-server. Some links will probably be broken, the people who own these sites can contact the IT department.

The web map does not have the correct building names on it. IFAS is not informing the UF building committee the names of the buildings.

The meeting convened at 11:45pm.

last edited 20 September 2002 by Steve Lasley