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Understanding user account properties in ADUC:

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Run the ADUC tool on a properly configured admin station that has the Exchange 2003 server tools installed. When you look at the various user accounts within your OU, you will currently find that some accounts have three extra property tabs (Exchange General, E-mail Addresses and Exchange Advanced). Accounts that have these extra tabs are accounts that have an established e-mail address within Exchange. Some of our 800+ contacts were recently converted to this format and the rest are due to be converted in the near future.

Note that this conversion may cause problems when folks using Outlook try to send to them--IF their Outlook has cached the old "-IFAS" suffixed entries in their auto-complete cache. The fix there is to clear that cache for the sender by deleting the ".NK2" file within their profile.

Accounts that do not have the extra Exchange tabs, are yet to be mail enabled. Those accounts which have their Official Business e-mail addresses properly configured within PeopleSoft will show that e-mail address in the "E-mail" field on the General tab of the user properties. If that field is empty, you know that that person has not properly configured their Business E-mail address and you should ask them to correct that. They can do this by logging onto http://my.ufl.edu and going to "My Account" > "Modify my UF Business Email". They can also set this and more (e.g., phone contacts, etc.) via "My Account" > "Update My Directory Profile".

Once we e-mail enable all IFAS accounts, Exchange property tabs will show up on all users. For those that have their Business E-mail address properly set, the Exchange address will be set accordingly. For those that do not, their "@ufl.edu" Gatorlink address will be used.

last edited 12 April 2005 by Steve Lasley