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Lead: Matt Wilson


Our current listserv hardware and software are a product of our association with the USDA through SARE.


You may access an web interface for the IFAS ListServ via http://lists.ifas.ufl.edu. That site has links for accessing the archives for the various lists as well and excellent documentation on how to use the ListServ. Those who own and manage distribution lists on the IFAS ListSERV may use the "Mailing List Management Interface" found there to manage their lists. This provides you an easy interface for viewing and managing list memberships. Requests for new lists may be made via the Remedy system

Management Access:

Access to the management interface is based on an "e-mail address" and "password" combination. IFAS has now standardized on e-mail addresses of the form "Gatorlink@ufl.edu" so that should be the address you use. The ListSERV password you choose is your own; it has nothing to do with your Gatorlink account and is kept separate by the ListSERV system. One can create (or re-create) a new ListSERV e-mail/password by entering your Gatorlink@ufl.edu address and choosing a new password here. If you are recreating this, you must ensure the ListSERV forgets about your old address and password; you may do that by deleting a cookie:

  1. Left-click "Start"
  2. Left-click "Run" in the "Open" box type "C:\Documents and Settings\Gatorlink\Cookies"
  3. Left-click "OK"
  4. Locate the file named Gatorlink@lists.ifas.ufl[1].txt and delete it.
  5. Open a web browser and go to "http://lists.ifas.ufl.edu/"
  6. Logon with your newly created Gatorlink@ufl.edu ListSERV account and password. It will ask you if you want to remember the new setup with a cookie, and unless you want to type the email address and the ListSERV password each time you should let it create a cookie.

Appropriate Use:

Sending to a large number of recipients outside the organization

This is better done with ListSERV rather than trying to use Outlook distribution lists. As of 16 March 2007, Dwight Jesseman confirmed with the Open-Systems Group that the outbound message recipient limit is 110 recipients. Using the BCC field for recipients does not bypass the limit. The Exchange organization is set with a 5000 recipient limit so internally a larger recipient list can be used. If, however, your clients are sending to a large number of recipients outside the organization, then it is recommended that the IFAS or UF ListSERV by used.

last edited 13 September 2010 by Steve Lasley