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Print Services:

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Lead: Chris Leopold / Santos Soler

The IFAS print server:

IFAS has a new print server that was placed into production in September of 2010. Migration of printer shares from \\if-srv-print to this new \\if-srvv-print server was done mostly manually. The script is used for production currently and is run via reference in the main logon script at \\ad.ufl.edu\netlogon\ifas\LoginScript.vbs

Any department who wishes to migrate their printer shares to the new server are encouraged to contact Chris Leopold or Santos Soler to arrange that. We are hoping to get everyone using logon scripts and group memberships for the management of networked printer assignments. This method works extremely well. Anyone still doing such assignments in an individual/manual way should definitely take the time to learn how this can be managed more easily and/or take advantage of the centralized service.

Remote sites utilize the multi-purpose servers (MPS) to supply this service. To use for remote sites, we would need to setup printers at those sites the same way, and then include them in the search range, instead of just the printserver.

You can view the printer shares at \\if-srvv-print. Groups are being created currently in UFAD beneath each department, for example Central-it printer groups are at: "ad.ufl.edu/UF/Departments/IFAS/-Central-IT/Groups/Printer Groups". The groups are named according to a ". IFAS-ou-printershare" convention and are generally populated with the associated OU's autogroup or specific user(s) for more control.

When using the ADUC tool, if you select the "View Users, Groups and Computers as Containers" option, then go to the IF-SRVV-PRINT computer object (within ad.ufl.edu/UF/Departments/IFAS/-Central IT/Servers/Building 120) and select it, you will see the print queues. If you have read access to them based on your group membership for the printer groups you may or may not see the print queues are actual printers. This list is what determines which network printers get installed.

Printer Setup Instructions:

  • Create a printer group in your department OU printers group
  • Request a DHCP reservation HERE for the printer (provide brand, model, current IP and AD group)

To Manage Printer(s) in your OU:

Management VMS (Easy way)

  • Windows and OSX clients can be installed by going to the following URL: http://virtual.ifas.ufl.edu
  • NOTE: The connection broker name is virtual.ifas.ufl.edu. You can use the "log in as current user" option if you are on a AD joined machine.

Windows 7 Print Management (View management client or local windows 7)

  • Click on the start button, administrative tools, SHIFT + Right click on the Print Management, select "Run as different user" type in your IF-ADMN-XXXX account username and password
  • Now we will need to add the print server, click on 'Print servers, right click, Add/remove servers, type in the name of the server (Example 1: On campus if-srvv-print, Example 2: MPS if-srvv-crec) Click Add to list and Ok
  • After a couple of minutes you should see printers under the new server Printers
  • NOTE: Be very careful what you change here, this will affect all users of the print device which could be one person or your whole department

last edited 10 October 2012 by Santos Soler