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Departmental Associate -
a good choice for visiting scientists

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Visiting scientists are a fairly common occurrence at our various units. These people may stay for a number of weeks or months, but may not be on the payroll. Regardless, they need access to IFAS computer resources to do their work.


Perhaps the best and easiest method of providing that is to have your directory coordinator add them to the UF Directory and create a relationship of "Departmental Associate" for them. Your directory coordinator should also set that individual's "Network Managed By" relation to your department so they are populated into the correct OU in UFAD.

This will entitle that individual to a Gatorlink account which they can create for themselves via the Gatorlink Website. Once you know their Gatorlink username, you can assign them to the appropriate security groups so they can access whatever resources they might need.

Don't Forget to Clean-up After:

As with personnel, exit procedures must be followed. When your visitor leaves, the relationship of Departmental Associate and Network Managed By must be removed.

last edited 1 June 2006 by Steve Lasley