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Agenda for 10/12/07 ICC Meeting:

10 AM - Entomology Bldg 970, Rm 114
  1. Report from the chairman
  2. Policy:
  3. Projects:
    listserv confirm settings Dan Cromer Dec 2005 Complete!
    New IFAS IP Plan Chris Leopold Oct 2005 Complete ?
    Sharepoint Test Site Ben Beach Feb 2007 For evaluation of Sharepoint's utility as a collaboration and content management solution for IFAS. (Use Gatorlink credentials for access.)
    Core service redundancy via virtualization Wayne Hyde Fall 2006 In progress
    IFAS WebDAV implementation Chris Leopold Jun 2006 Awaiting documentation and release
    Vista Deployment Andrew Carey Dec 2005 In development
    Exit processes, NMB and permission removal Dan Cromer/????? January 2006 pending workflow and automation details
    Re-enabling Windows firewall for IFAS (GPO:IF-Firewall-Windows Clients) Wayne Hyde Oct 2005 Pending IP re-numbering
    New VPN server (if-srv-isa.ad.ufl.edu) Wayne Hyde Aug 2005 lower priority issue
    services documentation Not assigned never desperately needed
  5. Operations:
  6. Other Discussion
    • Please join the IFAS IT team for the Alachua Heart Walk on October 13th
    • Your input is welcomed...

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