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Agenda for 10/9/09 ICC Meeting:

10 AM - ICS Conference Room
  1. Report from the chairman
  2. Videoconferencing and WAN discussion:
  3. Policy:
  4. Projects:
    IFAS WebDAV implementation Chris Leopold Jun 2006 Documentation not forthcoming - in ad hoc release
    Windows 7 Deployment Micah Bolen Jun 2009 Sub-committee charged; SharePoint site created
    Exit processes, NMB and permission removal Dan Cromer/????? January 2006 Deferred to UF for solution. (previous discussion)
    Re-enabling Windows firewall for IFAS (GPO:IF-Firewall-Windows Clients) Wayne Hyde Oct 2005 Being tested -- exceptions requested
    services documentation Not assigned never Is a wiki the way?
  6. Operations:
  7. Other Discussion
    • Your input is welcomed...

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