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Agenda for 2/10/06 ICC Meeting:

10 AM - ICS Conference Room
  1. Report from the chairman
  2. Policy:
  3. Projects:
    Exit processes, NMB and permission removal Dan Cromer January 2006 pending
    Trailer for IFAS-ALL-L explaining the nature of the list unassigned January 2006 pending
    Vista TAP Chris Hughes Dec 2005 In Progress
    Removal of WINS Chris Hughes Dec 2005 Pending
    RIS Chris Hughes Dec 2005 Pending
    SMS Chris Hughes Dec 2005 Pending
    listserv confirm settings ??? Dec 2005 Pending assignment
    The wallplate divestiture Chris Leopold Nov 2005 In Progress
    new IFAS IP Plan Chris Leopold Oct 2005 In Progress
    Move to IF-SRV-WEB Marshall Pierce Oct 2005 Pending notification of web admins for testing of "dev-" versions
    New File Server Dwight Jesseman Oct 2005 In Progress
    New SQL Server Richard Lee Oct 2005 In Progress
    Re-enabling Windows firewall for IFAS (GPO:IF-Firewall-Windows Clients) Wayne Hyde Oct 2005 Pending IP re-numbering
    ePO reorg and exclusion lists Wayne Hyde Oct 2005 Pending
    New VPN server (if-srv-isa.ad.ufl.edu) Wayne Hyde Aug 2005 Pending
    Migrating all IFAS subnets to private IPs Chris Leopold Jun 2005 In Progress
    Removing Appletalk from all IFAS subnets Chris Leopold Jun 2005 Pending other higher priority matters
    Moving all IFAS machines and printers to DHCP from static addressing Marshall Pierce Feb 2005 In Progress
    IFAS Remedy System Dan Christophy Dec 2004 Pending modifications
    services documentation Not assigned never desperately needed
  5. Operations:
    • Proposal to temporarily delete all users’ Outlook.NK2 files via login script
    • Update: Removal of x500 e-mail addresses
    • Update: User notification on forced reboots
  6. Other Discussion
    • Your input is welcomed...

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