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ICC Meeting Minutes:



A regular meeting of the ICC was held on Thursday, April 18th, 2002. The meeting was chaired and called to order by Steve Lasley, at 10:00 a.m. in the Fifield Conference Room, room 1304.

PRESENT: Nineteen members participated. Remote participants: Chris Fooshee, Earl Sloan, Harry Trafford, Jack Kramer, Kevin Hill, Sherry Hays. On-site participants: Steve Lasley, John Sawyer, Joe Hayden, David Bauldree, Ferris Johnson, Tim Nance, Dan Cromer, Mark Ross, Mike Armstrong, Dwight Jesseman, Chris Leopold, Helena Niblack, Mike Kanofsky

ABSENT: Official membership list not yet available and thus absentees indeterminable.

MINUTES: No Minutes available from previous meeting for approval. (Audio record of meetings is available online at http://icc.ifas.ufl.edu/ICCMeetingAudio.htm.)

Prior to the meeting the Chairman solicited a volunteer to take minutes in absence of a secretary. No one came forward. Minutes were taken from the audio after the fact by Cindy Lasley. (Thank you Mrs. Chairman.)

Meeting was called to order and agendas were distributed by the chairman. (The agenda is available online at http://icc.ifas.ufl.edu/meetings.htm.)

Report From Chairman:

Trial phone access was noted for remote users. Any problems contact Chair.

Allocation of $360.00 requested from Joe Joyce for refreshments and incentives for rewards for participation.

Mike K. asked if multi-site audio conferencing was possible. Mark reported costs for multi-way audio conferencing was $95 for six sites. Will use based on need.

Bylaws were presented by the Chairman. Plans to address the 3-fold purpose of the ICC as set by Joe Joyce:

Peer sharing will be improved via a newly designed-website at http://icc.ifas.ufl.edu.

Communication with IT will be through scheduled reports from IT/NS at each meeting.

Recommendations to ITPAC will be generated via a new, more formal business portion of the ICC meetings.

Membership list is responsibility of vice-chairman. Bios to be submitted to John; 4 received so far. Currently an unofficial membership list is posted on line (at http://icc.ifas.ufl.edu/members.htm). The goal is to make this a point of contact for our members and to make the list official.

Ferris brought up concern about membership and voting as opposed to information sharing. Meetings are open to all visitors.

Dan suggested a more formal process whereby ICC voting members would consist of official unit computer support contacts appointed by unit chairs. He suggested that the designated unit rep might be recorded in the directory database by the unit liaisons. This would be one means to a more formal membership list. Someone asked about the needing to name a security person at the departmental level. Can the security person be different from liaison?

Kevin pointed out that since ICC makes recommendations instead of policy, restricting voting may narrow and limit participation for information sharing.

Chairman will draft a membership recommendation on the web during the next month which can be discussed and revised. The recommendation will be presented at the next meeting.

This proposal is parallel to the idea of having a security ISM person appointed by dept heads.

Joe raised issue of business recovery methods as specified by UF security policy (online at http://www.it.ufl.edu/policies/security/).

Dan stated that Tim and Chris are working on business recovery plan. IFAS can have single plan with subsections for specificity. Auditors demanding more formalized disaster recovery plan. General plan will be sent out for approval.

Mike A. wanted to know if the plan was focused on recovery or continuity? Dan indicated a mix on focus.

Joe suggested since the Provostís request for information was very specific on individuals to the highest levels perhaps a boilerplate to fill out was needed to give to IT then it work its way up OIT.

Mark indicated that if there was a form on the ICC website for profile information more members may supply information. It was also suggested to study Rolfs Hall situation to develop our own recovery plan. Mike K. mentioned Dalls Antley as the contact for that.

Ferris mentioned that major renovation that will require evacuation in Fifield. McCarty Hall as well. By November moving people. Dealing with issues of data retrieval, etc.

IFAS IT will meet with Ferris and John and Mark as construction upsets the areas. Plans need to include solution to moving stuff.

Steve pointed out that UF IT site has information to assist with resumption plan (http://net-services.ufl.edu/security/peer-training/templates.shtml). Unit liaisons are looking for direction from IFAS level to provide information for plan. Dan says this will happen.

Mike K. again mentioned that we should make sure we have funds for multi-way conference if needed. Steve indicated that multi-way conference call funds will be looked into. Dwight will bring donuts next time and John will continue to bring coffee for the rest of the year.

Reports from IT/NS

Tim plans to get wireless access to the Fifield conference room in a few weeks time. A supervisor module is required on the router to support authentication before the wireless can be installed. Mark raised general question about locking down ports. The authentication process was discussed: hardware needs, port security issues, such as will the Gator link handle guests with IFAS accounts, etc.. It was mentioned there is a proxy button on the authentication screen you can use for guest access.

Kevin: Does VLAN require UF coordination?

Chris: We could assist him with that.

NT authentication database and can be a radius server. Dial up authentication. 11X standard has switch which does not require a separate authentication. User name password with Ifasdom have authentication at faceplate. Cisco is limited to Cisco providers.

Steve: Directed members to wireless background information available on the ICC site (http://icc.ifas.ufl.edu/peer.htm).

Mark: What about Macs? Macs donít have to authenticate to use the Web.

Chris: Authentication at the wallplate. UF is very aggressive with security and IFAS IT will be doing the same.

Kevin: Gatorlink should be usable via Kerberos. Cisco will support 11X. Radius server has to be a Cisco server but that will be fixed soon.

Dan reported that IT will support what UF says. Something will be done by December. Authentication is an issue. IFAS IT has requested longer than 8 character names be allowed for usernames. Dan is on the UF Directory Committee. Support network and authentication with Gatorlink ID. RECs and other facility are part of UF so there should be continuity.

Mark said LDAP and Kerberos are very important. Mike K. says the goal is to publish to Active Directory which would cover most IFAS needs. There are schema issues.

Chris presented tool for tying in group calendar in Exchange. IT is looking at unifying features which would be pulled off of personal calendar and put on a public calendar to coordinate days off, etc. Slipstick.com site was referenced. User updates private calendar and feeds category. He is seeking input about using this.

Someone: Events calendar to stimulate interest.

Chris: May demonstrate calendar for the next meeting.

Kevin: Room and staff scheduling. Schedule resources, vehicles. Compels use and gets folks used to using it.

Someone: It will be implemented soon. Chris will send email about this. Each ICC members need to get chairman to send a letter to Dan and appoint a security member.

Tim: Rolfs Hall as the example. For security continuity and recovery. Continuity needs redundancy. Continuity for mail is the biggest issue.

Someone: Keep tapes off site.

Someone: Bring the business resumption plan. Terabyte server NERDC computer room so backup is in another building. IT would welcome input.

Dan: You need to go to directors to get idea of what services do we need to provide. Then info goes to policy without all of the details.

Someone: Set up back up offsite. Set up box in our computer room.

Steve pointed out we need to request whatís mission critical and format to use then send to IT.

Someone: Business resumption plan meeting. Then getting critical services

Chris: Next Saturday power will be out. Pamphlets about security concerns for preview students presented. Will be available on web. Securing ports is an issue.

Sherry Hayes wanted to know about the dates for the GNV server. Dan said that the GNV server will be shut down by July 1st. Everyone will .migrate to IFAS email May 31st. ITPAC will be sending something out. Schedule is subject to work. GNV Emails will need to be converted or they will bounce. IFAS IT is developing procedures. Goal to have all emails to @ifas.edu. Who is responsible for updating the directory. Go to this url and see if there is someone there. Xin Ďourí dept is the contact. IT needs to get liaison together for training for correct email data information.

New Business

Secretary needed to take minutes. Seeking secretary nominees. Chris volunteered for secretary. This will be worked out on list by chair.

Proposed recommendations.

Proposal one: addendum to UF security policy. Details of the security service should be published. Pass

Proposal two: Password policy. Chris said there is a password Time lockout issue. Password length/settings. Adopt UF recommendations and tighten them up if necessary. Sherry alpha numeric 8 characters. Get ideas to Steve by email. All info needs to be in writing to be presented to ITPAC. Tabled to ICC list

Proposal three: IFAS central services mission critical. No resources to improve. Need procedures or plan but ITPAC doesnít need details. Active Directory ad hoc committee outline major areas. Critically linked to UF service. Budget items needed. Problem of units starting ahead. Ad Hoc committee goes to Active Directory consortium to further cooperation. Select ad hoc committee by next meeting. Kevin suggested that the chairman select members who will meet before the next ICC meeting, and will then meet with consortium. Issue with #4 Not made priority because waiting on UFís direction. Recommendation passed with Dan dissenting concerns noted above. Chairman referred the ad hoc selection to the ICC list.

The meeting was adjourned by the Chairman.

last edited 20 April 2002 by Steve Lasley