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NOTES FROM August 14, 2003       REGULAR MEETING

A regular meeting of the ICC was held on Thursday, August 14th, 2003. The meeting was chaired and called to order by Steve Lasley, at 10:00 a.m. in the ICS Conference Room.

PRESENT: twenty-one members participated. Remote participants: Kevin Hill, Jack Kramer, Nik McCue, and Joel Parlin. On-site participants: Mike Armstrong, David Ayers, David Bauldree, Ben Beach, Jenny Brewer, Dennis Brown, Dan Cromer, Joe Hayden, Thomas Hintz, Dwight Jesseman, Mike Kanofsky, Chris Leopold, Steve Lasley, Roberto Ramirez, Mark Ross, John Sawyer and Earl Sloan. Someone signed in as "MSBlaster" as well :-).

STREAMING AUDIO: available here


A new ICC member, Allan Burrage, was introduced to our group in abstentia. He is a MCSE on Windows 2000 and assists Mike Armstrong at Lake Alfred.

Steve Lasley recapped IT events since our last meeting by reviewing the ICC homepage news list.

Steve Lasley urged people to push for remote participation facilities at UF IT meetings at every opportunity. Tom Hintz, our representative on the Peer2Peer committee, is pushing for that at those events.

It was announced that the ITPAC website was updated by Steve Lasley who will now assist in its maintenance. The next ITPAC meeting will be in Fifield Hall at 8AM-Noon on August 25th. Steve Lasley will be presenting the ICC recommendations passed at the ICC May and June meetings.

Dan Cromer spoke on various shufflings within IFAS IT with the retirement of Pete Kearney, formerly the manager of IFAS Software Systems. Pete's position is not being filled, but rather his duties are being reassigned. Dan is taking over management of many of Pete's software functions, and Bill Cope will manage the business software issues. The HelpDesk and District support now will both report to Tom Hintz, who will also be the new IFAS IT Security Manager. Tom is also in charge of training issues, including those related to the new myUF web portal. Tim Nance's has been promoted to a Teams Information Technology Expert as System Engineer. He will continue his duties as previously assigned until his old position is re-filled.

Nothing has happened with the new subcommittee of the ICC that was formed at the last meeting: the Network Security subcommittee. The possibility of asking Valerie Carter to take charge of that was raised, as she is reportedly very interested in these issues.

Chris Leopold moved that NetBIOS filters be applied to UF IFAS managed subnets. This was in reaction to the MSBlaster worm, but could prove useful in the future as well--prior to such time as all remote sites VPN into UF, which is the ultimate goal. After considerable discussion, the motion passed with no objections.

Dwight Jesseman updated us on the ePO situation. He has a new server with version 3 all ready to go, but is waiting on getting a new grant number so he can assure that McAfee will provide support if things go south. The server is patched for the recently discovered vulnerabilities, but the client patches are waiting on the same "grant number" issue.

Dwight also explained that email attachments had been archived between May and December of 2002 in an experiment that has since been abandoned. He pointed us to instructions for retrieving any of these archived materials. These instructions have been incorporated into the "How To's > Network" menu of the HelpDesk Website.

Dwight also explained about the eDisk that is available at \\itns-virus\install$\Emergency Disk. This is an ISO image of a bootable CD that will scan a hosed system. Dwight updates this from time-to-time with the latest DAT files. It was suggested that Stinger might be added to this CD..

Mike Kanofsky gave an update on the AD initiative as well as what he had experienced at the Hi-ED conference recently. Mike has the materials from the June Tech-ED conference on DVD and is trying to figure out the best way of giving access to them. Kevin Hill will call an ICC-AD subcommittee meeting soon which will discuss these issues in further detail. Licensing of CALs centrally is viewed as a must-do for AD to go at UF.

Dan Cromer discussed how long email accounts should remain active after an owner's departure. Gatorlink uses a 6-month period. Procedures are available that could limit file shares immediately and still allow email access for that duration. When people leave in bad standing, the accounts could be disabled immediately.

Dan Cromer introduced the Faculty Accomplishments System 2 that is now in development. He also gave a brief tour of the myUFL site, showing the Enterprise Reporting section that contains, among other things, interesting employee demographic information.

The meeting adjourned shortly after noon.

last edited 14 August 2003 by Steve Lasley