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Decommissioning an HP switch:

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Lead: Chris Leopold


HP 26xx switches managed by ITSA are configured with special accounts and settings. Below are the instructions for removing those and returning the switch back to an "as shipped" state.

Console-based Instructions:

  1. First you need to have console access via a serial cable. Instructions for configuring a PC to use HyperTerminal for that may be found here.

  2. To log on you will have to know the proper logon credentials. If you do not know them, Chris Leopold will need to be contacted to provide those.

  3. Once at the console enter the "config" command and press Enter.

  4. Then enter the command "no password manager" and press Enter. This will clear the "manager" account.

  5. Next enter the command "no password operator" and press Enter. This will clear the "operator" account.

  6. Then enter the command "erase startup-config" and press Enter. This will erase all the special configuration settings.

  7. Finally, enter the command "exit" and press Enter. This will reboot the switch, after which it will be in the "as shipped" state.

Note: there is a console "copy" command which may be used to save or restore a switch configuration as well.

Hardware Instructions:

  1. Using pointed objects, simultaneously press both the Reset and Clear buttons on the front of the switch. The power and fault lights come on.

  2. Continue to press the Clear button while releasing the Reset button.

  3. When the Self Teest LED begins to blink, release the Clear button.

  4. The switch will then complete its self test and begin operating with its configuraiton restored to the facotry default settings.

last edited 12 July 2006 by Steve Lasley